You can’t always get what you want, so stop whining!

Oh, how mama loathes the end of the political season! No. 1, it means her beloved Arnie will soon be headed south for the winter, which is truly heartbreaking, since he’s been holed up signing and vetoing bills for two weeks, far from his doting pümpenfluffer. No. 2, nobody, but nobody, is ever happy with the results of these mass bill signing sessions. It’s as if every backseat driver and Monday-morning quarterback in California comes out of the woodwork.

Consider, for example, the group called “It’s OUR Healthcare,” which plans to begin holding 24-hour vigils at sweet cheek’s six statewide offices. OK, sure, he vetoed AB 8, the mandatory healthcare bill. But at least he stood up to President George W. Bush‘s veto of the state Children’s Health Insurance Program. Doesn’t he get any credit for that? And beside, get real! It’s OUR Healthcare? Don’t you think HIS health care is more important?

And what’s with these gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals? OK, sure, honey bucket vetoed the same-sex marriage bill. But, at the same time, he expanded the state’s domestic-partner rights and allowed same-sex couples to use the same last name. Plus, he’s forcing high-school teachers to promote homosexuality, and he has 17 lesbians on his staff! Give the guy a break!

But the group that really gets mama’s panties in a bunch is the pro-illegal immigrant crowd, who can’t get over Mr. Muscle’s veto of the California DREAM Act, which would have granted free college diplomas to any illegal immigrant who asked. One pro-DREAM group had the gall to suggest that, “The governor has just bowed to the racist wing of the Republican Party.” Tsk, tsk, racists are people, too. Now who’s being intolerant?

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