Meiner president

Bring him to me now!

While all the wags were wagging about the historic health-care agreement reached between Gov. Sugar Thighs and Assembly Speaker por favor Fabian Núñez, confirmation that everyone’s favorite Austrian dreamboat will head the GOP ticket in the ‘08 presidential race slipped under everyone’s radar. Elizabeth Benjamin‘s Dec. 17 item on her New York Post Daily Politics blog spills about a top secret meeting NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg had with Snookumsnegger over the weekend (when my sources mistakenly led me to believe Arnie’d be at Poor Red’s Bar-B-Q in El Dorado). “Number one, I had dinner with him on Saturday night,” braggart Bloomberg said of noshing with my main man. “And number two, he couldn’t be vice president.” You mean he could be … president?!? “The Constitution is clear,” Bloomberg continued. “You have to be able to be president to be vice president.” See there, New York’s mayor, who must know a thing or seven about the law and stuff, says that to be vice president, Arnie must be president—it says so in the Constitution! Ever the gentleman to let the Prezinator rise to the top of the dream ticket over him, Bloomy yammered on about “ I don’t know where that story came from” and “the law would not allow it” and yadda yadda yadda. Michael, you had me at “Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the next president of the United States"—or words to that effect. Which means, Monica honey, mama needs her presidential kneepads back!