January 2009: Iraq War timeline

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DATE EVENT U.S. DEAD Iraqi civilian dead 12.31.08 British and Australian troops will remain in Iraq until July, according to a CNN report. 4,221 88,920 01.03.09 The Green Zone in central Baghdad reverts to Iraqi control. 4,222 88,969 01.06.09 Five Blackwater Worldwide employees have pled “not guilty” to charges of killing 17 Iraqis in a 2007 incident. 4,223 89,029 01.11.09 The Iraqi Parliament dissolved into bitter arguments over naming the next parliament speaker, who must be a Sunni Muslim, according to previous political agreements that guaranteed a voice to the Sunni minority. 4,226 89,057 01.18.09 The execution-style slaying of a Christian man in Mosul has stirred fears about threats to religious minorities in that city. 4,229 89,094 01.26.09 African-Iraqis, descendants of slaves held centuries ago in the region and still the victims of discrimination, are taking inspiration from the election of U.S. President Barack Obama. Eight candidates representing the minority group of 1 million are running for provincial office in southern Iraq. 4,234 89,187

Sources: U.S. Department of Defense, Iraq Coalition Casualties, Iraq Body Count, The Associated Press, CNN, International Herald Tribune, The Guardian (London).