August 2008: Iraq War timeline

Look for SN&R’s updated timeline at the beginning of each month.

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7.31.08 A House committee passed a proposal to add $500 monthly pay to troops affected by the military’s “stop-loss” policy and required to remain in Iraq or Afghanistan past the end of their enlistment. The proposal is part of a spending bill to be considered by the full House in September. 4,127 86,255
8.02.08 KBR, a defense contractor, ordered its employees in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan to turn their cell phones in to human resources. 4,130 86,273
8.03.08 Two U.S. troops have been charged with shooting an Iraqi detainee north of Baghdad and then lying about the incident to superior officers. 4,131 86,310
8.09.08 A pair of Bengal tiger cubs arrived at the Baghdad Zoo today. Riley and Hope were donated by a North Carolina animal sanctuary.
4,139 86,450
8.14.08 Six U.S. sailors working as guards in a prison camp in Iraq have been charged with abusing prisoners and will be tried in courts-martial by the Navy. Seven other sailors have received lesser punishments in the same incidents. 4,144 86,570
8.17.08 Six Blackwater guards have been targeted by the U.S. Justice Department’s probe of a shooting incident in Baghdad last fall that left 17 Iraqis dead. 4,145 86,608
8.19.08 A nationwide effort to resettle Iraqi refugees in the United States is underway, with a target of 12,000 refugees by the end of September. 4,146 86,695
8.25.08 Iraq is now producing as much power as it generated before the 2003 invasion; however, it is still less than 50 percent of that required for peak periods. 4,147 86,740

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