July 2008: Iraq War timeline

Look for SN&R’s updated timeline at the beginning of each month.

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7.02.08 The Associated Press reports that a total of 13 service members, not 12 as originally reported, had died as a result of electrocution in Iraq. The company responsible for maintaining electrical equipment in the facilities, KBR, has been ordered to inspect all facilities for possible electrical problems. 4,114 85,722
7.04.08 NPR reports that tensions in Anbar province are rising as the U.S. handoff of security to Iraqi forces nears. 4,115 85,753 7.09.08 CNN reports that Iran shelled northern Iraq in the Qandil mountains, an area where Kurdish rebels are believed to be hiding. 4,120 85,895
7.14.08 The first Daughters of Iraq, an all-female volunteer security force, graduated from training today. Officials hope the unarmed female security forces will be able to thwart the rise in female suicide bombers. 4,122 85,969
7.20.08 Thousands of former British soldiers, lured by wages that amount to roughly $500 per day, are working as security contractors in Iraq.
4,125 86,100
7.28.08 A total of 70 civilians were reported killed in Iraq today. 4,125 86,226

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