May 2008: Iraq war timeline

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4.01.08 Fighting between Iraqi security forces and various militias resulted in March becoming the deadliest month in Iraq for civilians since August 2007. Iraq’s interior, defense and health ministries reported deaths totaling more than 1,000 civilians. 4,003 82,933
4.07.08 Sgt. Timothy M. Smith, 25, of South Lake Tahoe, died in Baghdad as the result of an IED. 4,016 83,176
4.10.08 Iraqi soldiers uncovered a mass grave containing 33 bodies in Mahmudiyah (south of Baghdad). 4,022 83,311
4.15.08 Fighting in Sadr City resulted in a number of deaths; Iraqi forces claimed to have killed six, while U.S. forces were reported to have killed 10 before ordering air strikes against the militia groups.
4,028 83,556
4.17.08 Clashes in Sadr City continued, with nine killed overnight. Two roadside bombs and a mortar attack claimed two more lives.
4,030 83,734
4.19.08 According to Iraq Body Count, 505 civilians were killed in Iraq this week. That is the highest number of civilians dead in a single week this year. 4,032 83,788
4.23.08 Gen. David Petraeus, commander in Iraq during the “troop surge,” has been reassigned to head the U.S. Central Command. Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno has been nominated to replace Petraeus in Baghdad.

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