October 2007: Iraq War timeline

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10.01 U.S. and Iraqi forces report killing more than 60 insurgents and militia men over the weekend.
3,806 74,627
10.05 The Iraqi Red Crescent organization reports that Iraqis are continuing to flee their homes to avoid violence. They report 2 million displaced people within Iraq.
3,811 74,890
10.09 Gunmen assassinated Shiite cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Abdel Karim in the Baghdad district of Al-Jedidah. The sheikh was the head of the Shiite Waqf authority in another area of Baghdad.
3,817 74,992
10.10 Army Spc. Frank L. Cady III, aged 20, of Sacramento, a member of the 1st Infantry Division, was killed in Baghdad.
3,822 75,035
10.12 A bomb planted amid toys at a playground in a Kurdish town north of Iraq killed one and wounded 17.
3,823 75,192
10.13 The civilian death toll in Iraq fell to its lowest in recent memory with just four civilian deaths reported in a 24-hour period Saturday.
3,824 75,196
10.15 Iraq intends to make private security companies answerable to Iraqi law, even if that drives them out of the country, according to a statement by Iraq’s minister of human rights.
3,828 75,228
10.17 The Turkish parliament granted permission to launch attacks in northern Iraq in an attempt to stop Kurdish rebels from using the area as a base for attacks into Turkey. 3,829 75,265
10.18 Five students were wounded when an insurgent through a hand grenade at their Basra high school.
3,830 75,286
10.19 In the latest fighting around Kirkuk, an oil city in northern Iraq, insurgents blew up a pipeline that carried oil to the Bayji refinery.
3,832 75,312
10.21 The U.S. military, backed by air strikes, raided Sadr City, targeting a militia leader believed to be behind a series of kidnappings. U.S. sources claim 47 militants were killed. Iraqi officials count 13 dead, including women. 3,833 75,465
10.23 Turkey’s foreign minister rejected a cease-fire by Kurdish rebels during meetings with Iraqi officials. He pressed them to crack down on Kurdish rebels. Turkish forces continued to mass along Iraq’s northern border. 3,835 75,511
10.26 47 U.S. troops have been listed as wounded in battle so far this month.
3,839 75,627

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