August 2007: Iraq War timeline

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7.29 The Lion of Babylon, a statue built in Basra in the 1920s to honor Babylonian civilization, was blown up by unidentified gunmen.
3,651 68,009
7.31 Kurdish security forces in the northern autonomous region of Iraq arrested 50 youth for waving the Iraqi flag to celebrate the Asia Cup soccer victory.
3,659 68,009
8.02 190,000 weapons issued to Iraqi security forces have been “misplaced.” U.S. forces cannot account for the weapons, issued in 2004 and 2005, and fear they are in the possession of insurgent groups.
3,665 68,138
8.03 The Iraqi government reports a sharp increase in the number of Iraqi civilians killed in July. Five hundred more civilians died in Iraq in July than in June.
3,665 68,221
8.07 The U.S. Labor Department reports that more than 1,000 U.S. contractors have died in Iraq since the beginning of the war.
3,680 68,747
8.08 The bodies of 11 people were found in Baghdad.
3,682 68,779
8.09 Seven pilgrims died during the first day of an annual pilgrimage to a Baghdad shrine honoring Imam Moussa Kadhim, one of 12 major Shiite saints.
3,683 68,779
8.13 At his court martial, Spc. Angel Bonilla testified that Sgt. 1st Class Timothy L. Drake beat an Iraqi detainee with an aluminum baseball bat. Bonilla also admitted that Drake had “goaded” him into assaulting a second detainee.
3,693 69,334
8.14 Four truck bombs kill at least 200 in a single day in the Yazidi region of Iraq.
3,699 69,513
8.15 The AP reports that suicides among Army troops are occurring at the highest rate in 26 years.
3,701 69,784
8.16 Iraqi insurgents have improvised yet again. They’re now using “house bombs” that explode when U.S. forces begin to search.
3,702 69,806
8.17 USA Today reports that an “exodus” of medical professionals from Iraq has left U.S.-built clinics and hospitals severely understaffed.
3,706 69,806
8.20 A study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism reported that the amount of U.S. media coverage of the Iraq war declined sharply in the second quarter of 2007 (April 1-June 30).
3,707 70,182
8.23 The second member of a Clovis, California family, Spc. Nathan Hubbard, 21, died in Iraq today. His brother, Marine Lance Cpl. Jared Hubbard, was killed in Ramadi in 2004. The sole surviving brother, Jason Hubbard, will have the options of returning to Iraq, serving stateside, or leaving the military altogether.
3,725 70,264
8.25 The New York Times reports that top U.S. generals are split on timing of U.S. withdrawal, with Gen. Peter Pace advocating for steep reductions in forces while Gen. David Petraeus is in favor of a slower withdrawal.
3,728 70,749
8.30 An outbreak of cholera in northern Iraq has caused eight confirmed deaths and is believed to have sickened 4,000 people.
3,737 71,017

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