December 2008: Iraq War timeline

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11.24.08 Iraq’s Interior Ministry is tightening security in Baghdad following bombings that killed 20. 4,206 88,332
11.25.08 The Iraqi army detained 65 militants in 24 hours throughout the country. 4,208 88,337
12.04.08 In November, U.S. military deaths and attacks were at the lowest rate since the war began, according to Lt. Gen. Lloyd Austin, the second in command of U.S. forces. 4,209 88,587
12.07.08 Many Christians in southern Iraq are making arrangements to leave the country following an upswing on intimidation of religious minorities. 4,209 88,643
12.10.08 Britain expects to have most of its troops withdrawn from Iraq by June, according to the Ministry of Defence. 4,209 88,668
12.14.08 An Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at President George W. Bush during a news conference, narrowly missing. The president was on an unannounced “farewell visit” to Iraq. 4,209 88,740
12.17.08 An internal U.S. State Department report says that private security firm Blackwater Worldwide may be barred from working in Iraq by the Iraqi government. 4,209 88,781
12.20.08 Iraqis are rallying to the cause of the reporter jailed after throwing his shoes at President Bush. The reporter says he was beaten by authorities. 4,211 88,797
12.21.08 Iraqi legislators say they’ve reached a compromise that will allow non-U.S. troops to remain in Iraq until July of 2009. 4,212 88,804

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