October 2008: Iraq War timeline

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10.01.08 According to figures from the Iraqi government, 359 Iraqi civilians were killed in September 2008—half the number who died in September 2007. 4,176 87,412
10.03.08 Two senior Baghdad police officials were fired by the Iraqi government after 50 deaths from bombings in four days. 4,177 87,450
10.05.08 Egypt’s foreign minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, made an unannounced visit to Iraq, a move toward resumption of diplomatic ties. 4,179 87,480
10.11.08 A bomb blast in southern Baghdad set off sectarian rioting that killed at least 14 people. 4,181 87,603
10.15.08 An Iraqi official says that nearly 1,400 Iraqi Christian families have fled Mosul because of violence from Islamic extremists. 4,184 87,678
10.20.08 A draft security plan between Iraq and the United States would give the Iraqi government power to prosecute U.S. troops and Pentagon contractors for certain types of crimes committed outside of military bases. 4,186 87,762
10.27.08 U.S. officials warned the Iraqi government of the consequences of failing to ratify a new security agreement before the current one expires at the end of this year. The Iraqi government is currently considering an agreement that would leave U.S. troops in the country through 2011. 4,188 87,888

Sources: U.S. Department of Defense, Iraq Coalition Casualties, Iraq Body Count, Reuters, The Associated Press, ABC News, BBC News.