Burrito baby

Breakfast Burrito, La Garnacha

Illustration by Analie Foland

Have you ever wanted to snuggle with a breakfast burrito? Or cradle it in your arms like a newborn baby? It’s possible at the 24-hour pickup window of La Garnacha with its sizable version ($8.99). Burrito seekers can splurge for steak for just a dollar more, but bacon’s where it’s at when it comes to this hearty endeavor. Pro tip: heavily douse in spicy green salsa for extra enjoyment. The burrito, itself, is pretty basic. Still, there’s no need to reinvent a classic with soft eggs and potatoes, choice of protein and melted cheese all wrapped in a flour tortilla. Simplicity is next to godliness, and the sheer size of this breakfast burrito means leftovers for at least the next day. 2101 16th Street, lagarnachasac.com.