Issue: December 20, 2012

Dear Folks,

It's Winter Guide time. Ashley Hennefer has put together a package

of articles for this issue that describe sledding and tubing hotspots

(well, not that hot) as well as winter skin care treatment, local

sled dog fanciers, and speed racers from UNR.

In Green, Ashley also writes about a federal report on supposedly

dwindling water supplies in the Colorado River Basin, which includes

Nevada. Our man on music Brad Bynum provides his year-end yiew of

the best albums of 2012. In news, we'll look at the expected new

effort to create mining tax royalties that match those already paid

on oil and gas. Bruce Van Dyke reacts to Sandy Hook and Brian

Burghart interviews Santa Claus. It's all in this week's Reno News & Review.

Thank you for reading us. If it weren't for you, it wouldn't be a

full holiday.

Take care,