Playing for Keeps

Rated 1.0

Gerard Butler needs to just shut his stupid face, quit acting, and take up water polo or something. I’m sick and tired of sitting through this guy’s crap. At some point you just realize that the people making the good movies don’t want you in them, for whatever reason. I’m not saying Butler is a bad actor. He can actually be quite good at times. I’m saying he’s getting roles not good enough for Steve Guttenberg, and with this piece of crap, he’s dragging some good actresses down with him. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Uma Thurman and Judy Greer all humiliate themselves in this thing, which Butler co-produced, and let’s hope this represents a low point for all of them. Let’s hope Burt Reynolds doesn’t start up the Cannonball Run movies again, and cast Uma Thurman as one of his passengers. Actually, that would actually be more enjoyable than this tripe. Butler plays an ex-soccer star trying to win his wife (Jessica Biel) back, and he’s a total dick. That’s all you need to know.