Issue: December 13, 2012

Hi everybody,

Another week, another newsweekly! On the cover of this issue of the Reno

News & Review, we've got an interview with Bill McKibben, one of the

nation's foremost experts and activists regarding climate change.

Esteemed film reviewer Bob Grimm offers up his annual selection of

Blu-ray discs that belong on your gift list (even if it's only your

gift-to-self list). Also in this week's paper, we've got tepid tequila,

hot music and cool skin. Feel free to click the links below, but don't

forget to pick up the newsprint version of our newspaper because lots of

times we put stuff in there that never sees the light of the world wide

web. Thanks for picking us up every week, if not for you, we'd have to

sweat our next meal.