Them Sonsabitches

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Them Sonsabitches shares three members with The Saddle Tramps, so comparisons are inevitable, though the two bands are actually vastly different. The Saddle Tramps play entertaining, countrified honky tonk rockabilly, with funny lyrics and an occasionally gimmicky white trash shtick. Them Sonsabitches is almost in the vein of Queens of the Stones Age-style stoner rock, with hints of straight-up rock ’n’ roll of the grandest traditions, like The Rolling Stones and ZZ Top. There are bits of the Saddle Tramps’ rockabilly humor—guitarist and vocalist Scotty Roller employs the same great wit and wisdom in both bands, and his voice retains some of its twang even in the heavier context. But for the most part, Them Sonsabitches is more musical and more muscular. The band’s self-titled debut album came out earlier this year, and is catchy, rockin’ and radio-ready.