Issue: October 25, 2018

Morning, readers!

This week's feature story takes a look at the local Hmong community, through the celebration of the Hmong New Year. More than that, though, we explore the elder population, most of whom fled unbelievably traumatic circumstances in Laos and Thailand following the Vietnam War. What we found was a growing acceptance of therapy and counseling through the Hmong Cultural Center and Butte County Behavioral Health. At last, they are beginning to heal.

In other news: Editor Melissa Daugherty picks apart recent campaign mailers; we offer our perspective on the brutal slaying of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi; we take a look at Chico's new land study and gauge developers' thoughts on local growth; and we have a Q&A with 81-year-old Bill Shelley, on the eve of closing his Dracula's Closet after 23 years.

There's more, to be sure.

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Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor

  • Farm to shower

    Loofah grower MoonBeam Farm in Corning sticks to organic practices, resulting in ‘land sponges’ that look and feel different from commercial products.

    By Ashiah Scharaga

    This article was published on 10.25.18