Issue: April 12, 2018

Morning, readers,

How worried are you about wildfires? Turns out, while we've known for some time that California's forests are overgrown—and therefore veritable tinderboxes—they're actually quite a bit worse than we may have realized. Check out this week's feature story for more.

In other news: What really happened between the Jesus Center and the city of Chico? We get to the bottom of it; plus, a new citizens group aims to create a police oversight committee to cut back on use of force; we get to know one of the owners of Mockingbyrd Coffee Co., perhaps Chico's most unusually located—but perfectly situated!—coffee spots in town; plus, we check out the Feather Falls Ren Faire!

There's always more, so pick up this week's issue!

Till next week,

Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor