Issue: February 15, 2018

Morning, readers!

How 'bout that housing market? For those looking to buy, it's a bear here in Chico. To get a handle on exactly what's up with home prices and availability, we at the CN&R decided to dedicate our entire Business Issue to interviewing those in the know. That includes real estate professionals, a city planner, a few developers, a couple looking to buy their first home and another couple who make their living flipping houses.

In other news: The city of Chico is considering eliminating 49 parking spots along East Avenue and homeowners aren't happy about it; meanwhile, the county looks to regulate Airbnb-type rentals; and Bud Bolt, founder of Oroville's Antique Tool Museum, prepares to give his final talk, after 60-some years, about living through the Dust Bowl.

There's always more in store.

Until next week,

Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor