Flu? Stay home

Don’t get your friends sick

This flu season has been particularly bad, although we’ve managed to avoid a major outbreak in the North State. To help keep it that way, it’s important to recognize when children should stay home from school. This year’s strain is debilitating and can keep your child in bed for days. Watch for these severe symptoms and know when to call in sick:

• Fatigue: Your child will use all of his or her energy fighting off the flu and won’t have much left for schoolwork or playing with friends at recess.

• Muscle pain and headaches: Walking and sitting up can become very painful, making for a wretched school day.

• Fever: Kids experience higher fevers than adults with the flu. You’ll want to closely monitor your child’s temperature, which will not be possible at school.

• Cough and stuffy nose: Hacking, unproductive coughing and a runny nose will make your child miserable and disrupt class.

Source: blog.OrchardHospital.com