Issue: February 08, 2018

Morning, readers!

If you or a loved one has ever dealt with mental health issues, you may have heard of the Iversen Wellness & Recover Center. Truly a unique place, it's focused on fostering hope and understanding in its clients, referred to as members. Read Ken Smith's feature story on the center this week, highlighting several members' journeys.

In other news: Local businesses speak out about the city of Chico's waste-hauling franchise agreement, which hiked rates for many; the Chico City Council approves an MOU with Butte County Behavioral Health to dispatch counselors with police officers when responding to psychiatric crisis calls; affordable housing gets a win in Chico; and Rouse & Revolt owner Nicholle Haber-Lewis discusses stepping back from her business in the wake of death threats over a Trump billboard.

There's more, for sure.

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Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor