Almighty D

Alternative sources of Vitamin D during the winter months

It may be tempting to Netflix and chill your way through these cold, dark winter months, but that probably wouldn’t be good for that skeletal system of yours. Because, look: Your body needs vitamin D. It’s essential for bone health, plus it can boost the immune system as well as help fight depression—and it’s made in our skin when exposed to sunlight. So, it’s important to either get outside or find other sources of vitamin D, such as:

• Fatty fish, such as tuna, trout and salmon. A 3 oz. portion will give you most of the recommended daily dose.

• Fortified milk or juice. Most milks are now fortified with the vitamin, and some juices, too—just check the label.

• Supplements.

• Egg yolks. Note: They contain enough vitamin D to help, but shouldn’t be relied on as a sole source.