Don’t (over)stuff yourself

Tips for avoiding post-Thanksgiving weight gain

This Thanksgiving, you may be concerned that overindulging in turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes will lead to weight gain, and you’re not alone—packing on pounds during the holidays is a national pastime. But it doesn’t have to be, according to Here a few simple ways to satisfy your appetite without overdoing it:

Be active: Leading up to the feast, up your exercise regimen by taking more steps or extending the duration of your workout—especially on the day of.

Eat breakfast: It can be tempting to “save room” for the big meal, but having a small breakfast will make it easier to manage your appetite later in the day.

Savor slowly: Put your fork down and taste—really taste—each mouthful. Eating slowly is one of the easiest ways to feel full and satisfied with one plate of food.