Before you go vegan

Veganism can be healthy, but there are important considerations

Going vegan might be all the rage, and giving up all beef, poultry, fish and animal-based products can be a healthy way to eat, according to However, there are some important things to consider before jumping into the vegan lifestyle:

• It’s the strictest form of vegetarianism and can be a difficult diet to follow. You might consider starting with vegetarianism, which allows eggs and milk, or pescatarianism (which prohibits meat and poultry but allows seafood).

• You have to seek out enough protein, calcium, iron and vitamin B12, all of which are generally found in animal-based foods. Consider supplements or drinking fortified almond and soy milks.

• Veganism isn’t necessarily healthy if you eat a lot of refined grains, chips, cookies and sugary juices. It’s still important to emphasize a diet rich in healthy oils, beans and legumes, nuts and whole grains, and fruits and vegetables.