Fuel for moving

Tips for what to eat prior to a workout

That uncomfortable feeling you get from working out after eating a meal is avoidable—it’s just a matter of finding foods that sit well in your stomach. What you eat before a brisk walk or easy bike ride isn’t a big deal, but it does matter what you put in your gut before vigorous exercise lasting more than an hour, according to Berkeley Wellness, a collaboration between UC Berkeley School of Public Health and a team of national writers. Since there’s no universal formula, you’ll have to find your own through trial and error. But here are a few general tips on fueling and moving your body:

Time it: Eat one to four hours before the activity; have only small snacks right before and during. It’s best to avoid exercising with too much undigested food in your stomach.

Carb up: To stay energized, choose foods with complex carbohydrates that are low in fiber. (Fiber is indigestible, so it can make you feel too full.)

Stay light: Foods like yogurt, fruit and crackers tend to sit well.