Issue: September 07, 2017

Happy Thursday, readers!

Who out there is worried about losing their job to a robot? Well, perhaps it won't be your job and perhaps it won't be tomorrow, but it is a future we should all be preparing for one way or another. Check out our feature story this week to find out why.

In other news: The City Council voted Tuesday night to arm Chico's park rangers (check our news coverage for, if nothing else, Vice Mayor Reanette Fillmer's reasoning); a group of Chico State faculty release results of a study showing Chico's laws criminalizing homelessness are costly and ineffective; and check out my column this week to find out who just started delivering beer(!).

There's more, of course. Also, there's a little less than a week left to vote for your faves in Best of Chico. You can do so here:

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Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor