Issue: August 31, 2017

Morning, readers!

First, a thank you to everyone who made it out to our 40th Anniversary Block Party on Saturday. I had so much fun getting to meet some of you while slinging beer tickets. And I speak for everyone here when I say we wouldn't be here without you.

On that note, what's there to read this week? For starters, staff writer Ken Smith penned our feature story this week about a young mother whose determination to get off the streets has paid off.

In other news: The City Council will be taking up the issue of converting park rangers to "sworn rangers" with guns at Tuesday's meeting; we take a look at the future of Chico's iconic water towers; and Doug LaMalfa's staff does its darnedest to discourage a 13-year-old constituent—what's up with that?

Until next time,

Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor

  • No Kids Allowed

    We have come a long way since the 1970s, when Californians secretly stashed their marijuana away in sandwich bags. Now we have pop-ups and heat-sealed packaging all designed with one thing in mind: To keep cannabis out of the hands of children.

    N&R Publications by Ken Magri

    This article was published on 08.31.17