Learn to be you. That seems to be the sentiment of Amy O’s newest record, Elastic. It’s up for debate how many records Amy O has under her belt. She’s put out at least seven as she’s hopped around the U.S., playing and recording music for a handful of years. Her songs feel unapologetic and direct, but far from abrasive. Her straightforward, timeless rock style feels akin to indie-rock pioneers like Sleater-Kinney, or the breezy/gritty sonic approach of The Breeders. Her songs are built on dynamics of simple shifts that boost rather than derail, like on the bass-thumping “Sunday Meal,” when it downshifts into the outro, or “Soft Skin,” as her vocals unroll into the bouncy hook “What do you want to eat today?” Songs like “History Walking” have a high-speed ’90s rock/pop feel, gliding swiftly along with little time for a breath between quick verses and fast-spun guitar lines. It stretches but never breaks; elasticity at its best.