Hangover, averted

Tips for avoiding a bleak New Year’s Day

If you like to ring in the New Year with an adult beverage or six, you’d better take a few precautions to avoid kicking off 2018 with a big, fat hangover. (Or, you know, don’t drink. Just saying.) No promises, but if you follow these tips, you might feel OK on New Year’s Day:

Before boozing: Eat a full meal, drink a glass of water and take a multivitamin.

While boozing: Drink in moderation, drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink and stick with one type of alcohol—beer, wine or liquor. And the clearer alcohols, such as white wines, vodka and gin, tend to be more forgiving.

After boozing: Before bed, take two aspirin with a glass of water. In the morning, two more aspirin with water, another multivitamin and a big breakfast. Also, take a shower, because you look horrible.

Source: www.howstuffworks.com