Issue: November 03, 2016

Morning, readers!

Can you feel that election fever reaching the apex? We're almost there! We're almost there! If you need a little more info before heading to the polls, though, do not fear: In this week's issue, we have a story about campaign financing that might shock some people--yes, there's one Chico City Council candidate who's raised over $50,000 (and that's just the tip of the iceberg). We also checked out local law enforcement's conference on Proposition 57, which would reduce prison sentences by increasing parole. Editor Melissa Daugherty also follows up to a story we ran last week about candidate Ann Schwab being targeted by fellow Councilwoman Reanette Filmer. If you follow local politics, you won't want to miss her column this week.

Election stuff aside, our feature story this week is all about bugs. As in mosquitoes and the viruses they carry. Frequent CN&R contributor Alastair Bland sets out to find the answer to: Which is worse--Zika or the pesticides we use to kill mosquitoes?

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Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor