Issue: October 20, 2016


I hope you don't have "election stress." Yes, it's a real thing. But don't distress--we're here to help. This week we bring you our Election Issue, in which we break down a couple of local initiatives as well as ask questions of the 11 candidates for Chico City Council. We also begin our endorsements with state and federal races. (Stay tuned next week, when we'll weigh in on local issues.)

In other news: We find out the history of Coutolenc, a tiny little town north of Magalia, through Marge Coutolenc Maddux; we look into the mighty valley oak and how its root system makes it an indicator for entire ecosystems; and we interview a woman about some macarons (yum).

There's always more--need I say it?

Until next week,

Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor