Big box’s plans appealed

Walmart’s expansion proposal heads to Chico City Council

On Monday (Oct. 17), a group opposing the expansion of Chico’s Walmart store responded to a recent Chico Planning Commission decision to approve the big-box’s plans.

Brett Jolley, an attorney out of Stockton, delivered the appeal to the city on behalf of Chico Advocates for a Responsible Economy. That group, represented by Jolley, mounted a successful campaign against Walmart’s supercenter plans a decade ago. Those plans ultimately were denied by the City Council in 2009.

Last year, the big box brought forward new expansion plans, which include a gas station and other external retail features. Opponents have gathered more than 950 signatures.

The appeal will take the matter to a public hearing before the Chico City Council. A date is tentatively set for mid-November, according to Deputy City Clerk Dani Brinkley.