Issue: October 29, 2015

Morning, readers!

Have you ever wondered if our methods of tackling the homeless problem

were actually working? Well, Michael Madieros has. His organization,

Stairways Programming, is currently the only one locally that's adopted

the Housing First model. That means offering help to those in need

immediately, rather than waiting for them to get sober or seek mental

health treatment. It appears to be working. Read on.

In other news: It's Halloween weekend! So, why not start you off right

with a good, old-fashioned (literally) ghost story? This one includes a

prostitute, a poisoning and a haunted Chico home. We've also got an

update on leadership at the Jesus Center; we check the pulse of farming

in Butte County with a sixth-generation farmer; and we go see The

Elephant Man.

There's always more ...

Before I sign off, I want to remind everyone that we are seeking

nominations for our annual Local Heroes issue. Nominees should go above

and beyond on a regular basis to improve our communities. The key is

they're volunteers, paid for their good deeds in smiles and thanks, not

paychecks earned. Send nominations to by 9

a.m. next Wednesday, Nov. 4.

Until next time,

Meredith Cooper, associate editor