Issue: August 08, 2013

Good morning, CN&R readers!

Welcome to our inaugural Beer Issue. Just about every story has something to do with the brewing of craft beer, beginning with our three-story cover package. Fittingly, it leads off with "Craft-beer takeover," by Arts Editor Jason Cassidy, which looks at, among other things, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. owner Ken Grossman's pivotal role in putting Chico on the front lines of the craft-beer revolution.

Cassidy's story is followed by contributor Miles Jordan's "A view from the bar," a delightful piece about his membership in Sierra Nevada's Citizen Advisory Board, which is followed by "999 bottles of beer on the shelves," Staff Writer Ken Smith's story on beer-centric liquor store, Spike's Bottle Shop.

In Newslines, Smith's "Physically ill"--our lead story--deals with the claims of a Chico State professor who says that the air in one of the buildings on campus is toxic. News Editor Tom Gascoyne weighs in on the pot-farm grading issue with "Grading the foothills"; and we have two interesting stories concerning the goings-on at the recent Chico City Council meeting--"Musical chairs," by contributor Robert Speer, and "Righting the ship," by Gascoyne.

My Greenways feature, "Eco-hoppy brewing" takes a look at the eco-friendly practices used at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.'s hops farm, and our Healthlines feature story, "A brew a day?," by Assistant News Editor Howard Hardee, examines claims that a drink a day is good for a person.

In Arts & Culture, all our In the Mixes are about beer, and our Chow story, "Tapping in," by Jordan, concerns The Handle Bar, a local purveyor of regional craft beers. Also in the A&C section, CN&R intern Katherine Green weighs in with "Canvas of life," about newbie local artist and burlesque performer Eva Blanshei; and Cassidy wrote "Wof-thump," a look at local drumming troupe Wolf Thump.

There's much more, of course, both online and in our print version of the paper, which includes Calendar listings of the many events this town has to offer week after week.

Peruse and enjoy...

Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia, associate editor