Issue: November 10, 2011

Good morning, CN&R readers,

Have you seen any of the photo blogs lately that take old, historic photos

and blend them with modern equivalents? Well, a Chico State class has been

working on a project whereby they take photos of historic Chico (and other

spots nearby) and then rephotograph them now and blend the photos. It's

really quite neat. Check out this week's photo essay highlighting some of

the class's work (including an image created by CN&R intern Tyler Ash).

In other news: Friday is Veterans Day, so in honor of the holiday, I

interviewed a man who's dedicated much of the past four years to tracking

down the stories of the "Chico boys," a group of local young men who served

in World War II together. We also have stories about local global-warming

skeptic Anthony Watts, the Oroville Community Mirror, antibiotics in your

steaks and chicken breasts, and two local plays.

Here's one more thing to chew on: If you pick up this week's paper tomorrow

at 11:11 a.m., you'll be reading Issue No. 11 on 11/11/11 at 11:11.

Something lucky is bound to happen ...

Until next week,

Meredith Graham, managing editor