Green city in the East

China unveils plans to construct an “eco-city” by 2020

While remaining in the thick of greenhouse-gas emissions, China has taken a surprising step in the green direction with plans to complete construction on a self-sustaining “eco-city” by 2020.

The Tianjin Eco-City, designed by Surbana Urban Planning Group to accommodate 350,000 residents, will span 30 square kilometers just 10 minutes from the bustling Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area, according to media sources. The city will include a light-rail transit system and it is projected that 90 percent of transportation within city limits will consist of cycling, walking and public transportation. The city will rely on solar and wind power while also making use of recycled rainwater, desalinated seawater and treated wastewater.

The city will also make creative use of vertical space, with its core Urbanscape consisting of stacked housing units connected by sky bridges. In contrast, there will also be a more suburban area—the Earthscape—that will maximize use of public green space.