Lundberg on the green-biz forefront

Farm receives award for innovative clean technology

Lundberg Family Farms in Richvale is being recognized as a “Game Changer of the Year” for 2011 in the field of agricultural innovation by business-promotion organization Grow-California.

The company will receive the award in the Innovation in Energy and Agriculture category at the Clean Tech Innovation Conference at the Kaiser Center in downtown Oakland today (Nov. 3), according to a press release. Lundberg Family Farms was chosen from more than 200 nominees by a selection committee drawn from various fields—investment banks, venture capital funds, academia and conference sponsors. For the award, nominees must have been headquartered or had significant facilities in California, had at least $5 million in revenue in 2010 or developed technology that could produce a market-leading company, and been in existence for at least four years.

This is the second time Grow-California has honored Lundberg Family Farms this year, as they were also selected as one of California’s 2011 Leaders in Agriculture Innovation.