The election is over, folks

Recycle or creatively repurpose those campaign signs that you no longer need cluttering up your front yard

Just as you’re happy the neighbor took down his fake cobwebs and cardboard gravestones and tossed the rotting pumpkin, he’ll likely appreciate you doing the same with the campaign signs covering your front lawn now that the election is over. In some cases, the candidates or their local representatives will come collect them, but when asking if they do, make sure they use responsible recycling practices.

To recycle them yourself, disassemble the wood posts from signs (being sure to remove any nails or staples) and the whole lot can be placed in your roadside recycling bin. Or, get crafty and reuse them as canvases or other art projects ( has plans for a bird nest). If you’re politically-minded, simply paint or paper over the old slogan, replace with your own statement and get to stickin’ it to The Man or reminding your neighbors “THE END IS NIGH!”