Heartbreak at the Arco Corral
Well, it’s official. The magical season of my beloved Kings has come to a tragic close with a Game 7 overtime loss to the boastful, boring Los Angeles Lakers.

What can I say? Mike Bibby was the only King who played consistently with the poise of a champion. Our local team had two games to put away the Lakers and just couldn’t do it.

It was sad to watch Doug Christie play his worst game of the playoffs when it mattered the most. But if I had to look for positives—and besides Bibby there weren’t many—I’d say it was inspiring in a Hallmark kinda way to watch Christie walk off the court escorted by his wife, a spiritual woman with whom he shares an almost obsessive connection while playing (he kisses and raises his fingers anytime he does anything in a game to symbolize his “unwavering love” for his wife). Call it cheesy if you like, but I was glad the down and dejected Christie had his wife beside him after air-balling a three-point attempt for the Kings’ last chance to win.

In a brief television shot as the pair walked into the Arco Arena tunnel, one could see the pain on Christie’s face as his cheerful wife consoled him with a smile worlds away from the tears and frowns of the thousands of heartbroken Sacramento fans around them.

It was a quick reminder just how vastly love overshadows sports. (Awwww.)

And, although Sacramento felt another sting to its pride, a regional inferiority complex that stems from being nationally labeled an insignificant “cowtown,” the fans will undoubtedly be back next year. Fans all over the nation should be proud of the Kings’ winning season and the heart the players showed all year. But also they should give themselves a loud Arco cheer for being the best fans in all of sports.

They did everything a sixth man could to help the team and more.

The main thing I will personally remember from this season, with its share of exciting thrills, spills and flops, is that while the Lakers may have had the better superstars, the Kings were the all-around better team.

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