Derby Day at the Lounge

Derby Day at the Lounge

Photo by Tom Angel

Finally caught a Kings playoff game at Arco Arena last Monday, a hard fought loss to the Mavericks. But what an atmosphere! Never have I been at a sports event with more crazed energy. They passed out little white pom-poms, people had their massive cowbells ringing, their $6 beers and $8 double margaritas in hand; it was a fun time for all—especially tie-dyed Bill Walton, who spent the game signing autographs and macking on an Asian woman in the third row.

Unfortunately, thanks to a busy work morning I didn’t have time to represent and make a Chico sign to hold high—something like “Don’t let them take Halloween” that would have had the TNT national commentators scratching their heads. But next time!

If anybody has a chance for tix to game five—I would say go enjoy it, even if the seats are in nosebleed section. It’s going to be a tough series. Go KINGS!

Bush drops leash on drooling right-wing freaks
In yet another brilliant move that has our allies and most countries around the world pissed or frightened, President Dubya let a number of right-wing freaks in his party “unsign” the International Criminal Court (ICC) treaty that attempts to promote a tribunal to prosecute war crimes, genocide, etc.

This move basically says to all that the United States is the big dog in the yard and is not subject to the same humanity standards the rest of the world sees fit to uphold. Or, in other words—we’re against terrorism but not when it’s committed by us in the name of capitalist, imperialist or colonial expansion.

The administration sent a simple fax to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan saying:

“We’re seniors now, and we rule the school. Suck it.”

Anyone planning to travel this summer (like me) and see the beautiful world out there should perhaps prepare for the possibility of being verbally accosted or punched in the face by drunks, thanks to the moronic foreign policies of our corporate-oil government. Of course, that’s maybe the least significant ramification of a stupid move like this latest blunder, one that even VP Cheney has bemoaned as an unnecessary alienation of our allies.

Joke of the Day
Q: Did you hear the one about Enron and the California energy crisis?
A: We got totally screwed. Get it?

Weekly props
1. Bye-bye students (sniff)
2. First annual Goddesses Getdown June 9 at Duffy’s
3. Go U’wa tribe (indigenous people in the Andean rainforest who beat big oil)
4. Frisky Biscuit and Crooked Hooker (Lounge Derby)
5. The Last Waltz