Coolin’ down, cool jazz, and saying goodbye to Quentin Colgan

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Time to completely freak out! Shit! Only four more weeks of summer fun before the students return and “Chico” becomes “CHEEK-O!!!” Don’t panic. Don’t panic! Arts DEVO still has time to squeeze some more juice from the season. I just need to make a list:

1. Get out of town!

Nothing says “Chico summer” more than leaving the valley when it gets hot. And man, do I need to get the hell away and breathe some different air. I just want to sit somewhere between Arcata and Pismo Beach and face west for two days straight. Who’s with me?

May the forced vibrations be with you Those crazy musical pot- stirrers in local indie-prog crew Clouds on Strings are at it again. Keyboardist Josh Hegg and guitarist/vocalist Michael Bone are digging up their musical roots and bringing local players together for regular jazz performances, each built on a different theme. The playful series starts up as a bi-weekly affair—every other Wednesday in August, 7:30 p.m., at Café Flo—with a Star Wars-themed night debuting on Aug. 1. and an Elton John jazz night on Aug. 15. Things will then shift over to Café Coda, where they will be taking over the old Friday morning Green Eggs and Jazz brunch series. Stay tuned for details.

Rest in peace Man, Chico just became a less fun and interesting place. Local actor, political blogger, activist and former Chico City Council candidate Quentin Colgan died this past Monday, July 23, at the age of 54. (See Downstroke, page 8.) Quentin was one of my favorite locals. One of those wonderfully distinct personalities who give Chico its character. Probably a better way to put it is that he was kind of a kook who would completely devour any stage upon which he foisted his larger-than-life persona. In fact, most local plays in which I saw him were made better—and sometimes were held together—by Colgan’s wacky vibrant presence in the cast. But he wasn’t just weird, he was also very smart and seemingly fearless, and those qualities not only served the actor but also the refreshingly straight-talking political candidate who cut through partisan rhetoric and stood up for those who had no voice—despite his slim chances at the polls. The CN&R sends its condolences to Quentin’s friends and loved ones. Chico won’t be the same without him.

A public memorial, entitled Occupy EVERYTHING: A Celebration of Quentin Colgan, will be held at the ARC Pavilion Sunday, July 29, 3 p.m. Wear your best Hawaiian shirt.