Issue: February 15, 2018

Greetings friends,

Pastry scientist Edward Martinez reinvents the doughnut, posts his pop-up's whereabouts on Instagram, and people come from miles away to line up for an hour. That's how good his doughnuts are, and his story is also amazing.

Way on the other end of the fun-to-serious, life-and-death spectrum, and also inspiring, is the story of the heroic Marlene von Friederichs-Fitzwater, who is about to make her dream a reality: A hospice for our terminally ill homeless neighbors.

Last thing I'll mention: Just five days before the New York Times reported on the biggest oil spill in decades (which is happening right now) I spent an afternoon at a "public hearing" about Pres. Trump's plan to open 90 percent of the continental shelf to oil-drilling leases.

And there's lots more, of course.

Thanks for caring,

- Eric Johnson, your editor