What’s a stroopwafel?

This sweet treat from Dutchman’s Stroopwafel is also vegan

Have you seen the Dutchman’s Stroopwafels bike around downtown and wondered, “What on Earth is a stroopwafel?” Well, a stroopwafel is a sweet caramel-filled cookie, sandwiched between two crispy waffle pieces made from cookie dough. This delicacy has roots in the Netherlands and was created by Johan and Koreen Van Ravenhorst. Recently, they reworked their recipe to also be vegan friendly. “We started doing vegan because a lot of people asked for it. We find it is great at vegan events and everyone is excited and lined up saying they can’t wait to get one,” says co-owner Koreen Van Ravenhost. Dutchman’s Stroopwafel will pop up with its vegan sweets on Feb. 22 at 2 p.m. at vegan-owned KC Kombucha in Oak Park. There will be kombucha pairings offered to compliment this sweet Dutch creation. Dutchman’s Stroopwafel also offers the vegan option on the first Tuesday and third Saturday at pop-ups throughout downtown. 3326 Broadway, dutchmanstroopwafels.com.