SacTown VegFest returns

SacTown VegFest, a one-day vegan event hosted by the Sacramento Vegetarian Society, celebrates its fifth year on Feb. 1. The event grows yearly: In 2019, it moved to its current home at McClellan Conference Center after three years at Sacramento High School. It’s a mix of food, vendors, activists and educators, all promoting veganism. Though many vendors are VegFest mainstays, the lineup significantly overlaps the Sacramento Vegan Food Festival held in Cesar Chavez Park last October. It’s expected to happen again, date TBD. But at $5, VegFest is one-third of the cost of its competitor. If you’re only there for the food, both of these events just bring together vendors you could access separately on any given weekend without paying a cover. It would be excellent to see both groups join forces so someone can support the vegan community without duplicating efforts.