Meh vibes and midweek spaghetti

Good Vibes’ recent pop-up event left SN&R’s vegan columnist underwhelmed

In January, Good Vibes Vegan Café & Herbs opens on 24th between J and K streets. I’m always happy when a bold new vegan place opens, so I was excited when Queen Sheba hosted a Good Vibes pop-up in November. The menu was puzzling: spaghetti and coleslaw from Good Vibes, and lentils and greens from Queen Sheba. Queen Sheba’s contributions seemed to be there to round out what would otherwise be a $15 plate of pantry-staple ingredients. While $15 is standard pop-up meal price, spaghetti and coleslaw don’t warrant that. The spaghetti, with a nice marinara and lots of Morningstar Farms crumbles, was comfort food to be sure. But it had a midweek dinner-at-home feel, and the coleslaw was plain cabbage dressed with vegan mayo and Italian dressing. I’m looking forward to seeing what Good Vibes can do with a full menu, but the pop-up offering won’t have me beating down the door.