Dating and vegan food

Sometimes, Instagram food pics aren’t all what they promise

Instagram food photos are like Tinder pics: They’re best-foot-forward, highlighting the highs, obscuring the lows and edited within an inch of their lives. It’s an Instagram photo that took me to Suzie Burger for its vegan Philly Fries, an omni analog I never knew I needed. Turns out, they’re off menu and not quite as attractive as the photo that lured me there. Still, the fries were firm enough to withstand the toppings, Impossible crumbles added savoriness and texture and the tomato and jalapeño didn’t suffer the watery gray fate of most fast-food vegetables. Unfortunately, there was significantly less vegan mozz than pictured, rendering a cohesive treat into a jumble of otherwise-great components I had to reassemble on my fork. The difference between Suzie Burger’s pics and reality wasn’t egregious enough to swear me off Instagram adventures permanently, but in dating and food, it’s worth remembering that photos don’t always match reality. 2820 P St.,