Dreams of (vegan) doughnuts

There are a few choice bakeries to consider when a sweet craving strikes

Sacramento may have a shortage of some vegan breakfast goodies, but you’re never more than a doughnut’s throw from … well, another doughnut. Sugarplum has offered its plant-based doughnuts for years now. Get them when they’re fresh daily as they dry out quickly. Still, its Coffee Cake doughnut, with a bit of piped frosting and dusting of cinnamon sugar is a good choice. Finding a raised pastry gets trickier, but the Sac area has been upping its game. Family Donuts in Carmichael offers a cornucopia of vegan pastries each weekend. It even offers an apple fritter, high on the list of foods I still miss. For the most observant of vegans, you will want to check in about the sugars used; nearly all of these contain granulated sugar, an ingredient sometimes filtered through bone char—this is nowhere near as common a practice as it used to be, but just ask. New kid on the block Milk Money also has a solid vegan raised doughnut game. Its rotating menu offers one doughnut or beignet six days a week, and its vegan PBJ is one I’d mark my calendar for.