Conscious choices

Thinking about going vegan in the New Year? Here are three tips to making new choices stick

Go vegan” may be on your list of 2020 New Year’s resolutions. Welcome! I promise only some of us are insufferable. Deciding to go vegan is easy. Replacing decades of food habit and ritual can be harder. Here are some tips I’ve offered friends who’ve asked how to make it stick. Your mileage may vary. 1. Vegan Outreach’s “10 weeks to vegan” program is a good guide, and can even match you with a vegan mentor. Find info at: 2. Don’t feel guilty about easing into it. If you’re doing Meatless Mondays, make Mondays vegan, then keep adding a day weekly until it sticks. 3. “Going without” puts you in the mindset of deficit, thinking of what you’re losing. Try finding vegan foods you do like (they’re called vegetables). Eat them instead. Remember you could go back to eating meat tomorrow. You’re making the conscious choice not to.