Vegan-friendly Vietnamese flavors

Saigon Alley Kitchen & Bar offers plenty of vegan options

Saigon Alley Kitchen & Bar is now open in the Handle District downtown. Its menu offers traditional Vietnamese flavors with an American twist and has a dedicated vegan section. Restaurant owner Mymy Nguyen told SN&R that it was important to include vegan options on the menu because “culturally, vegan has been an important part of our diet for as long as I can remember. It’s not a new dietary phenomenon, it’s just something that has gone unnoticed for a long time. So we wanted to give those with few options more options.” When asked what the most popular dish was, Nguyen said, “I would have to say everything! From the Beyond Pho to Leaf Luc Lac and of course the Beyond Bánh Mì Burger.” The menu offers fun surprises including a side of fresh made taro fries served with the Bánh Mì Burger. 1801 L St., Suite 70,