Terra Lopez

The lineup of the Evening Episode, one of Sactown’s favorite electronica acts, has changed over the years, but the band’s musical sensibilities have remained the same. Terra Lopez currently provides the band with its vocals; haunting and sweet, her soprano soars among electronic beats, synthetic sounds and crashing drums. Lopez and the Evening Episode hit the the CoolCat Gallery (918 24th Street) this Saturday.

1. “Mysterons”
by Portishead (from Live: Roseland NYC)

2. “Nineteen”
by Tegan and Sara (from the Con)

3. “Sleep Walk”
by Santo & Johnny (from the Best of Santo & Johnny)

4. “By Your Side”
by CocoRosie (from La Maison de Mon Rêve)

5. “Gong”
by Sigur Rós (from Takk …)