Montreal, Canada-based experimental noise-rock quartet AIDS Wolf is currently touring the United States, touching down at the Delta of Venus in Davis this Tuesday. Attendees should expect loud music, unintelligible lyrics and what can best be described as a spastic performance. View the video for their song “Spit Tastes like Metal” on the group’s MySpace page ( Epileptics should steer clear.

1. “No More Forever”
by the USA Is a Monster (from Tasheyana Compost)

2. “TV as Eyes”
by Chrome (from Half Machine Lip Moves)

3. “Best Batch Yet”
by Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band (from Doc at the Radar Station)

4. “Buffalo Stance”
by Need New Body (from Need New Body)

5. “C’est Raté, C’est Raté
by Albert Marcoeur (from Albert Marcoeur)